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Alexander Iannetta Alexander Iannetta
When I decided to move to Italy learning Italian was a top priority for me. Being Italo-Canadian, I had a basic understanding and comprehension of the language, but was lacking in some of the basics. I was very fortunate to find Silvana. Right from the start she customized my learning program that suited my unique situation. This customized program helped me quickly improve but also kept me mentally stimulated. What I learn the most from Silvana is that understanding a language is more than just grammar and syntax; she teaches how Italian is spoken and how culture, style and form can make a big difference between knowing Italian and understanding Italian. She is also a joy to be with. I highly recommend Silvana and thank her tremendously for helping me in this new journey.


Noel Collins Noel Collins
It is a pleasure to recommend Silvana De Lorenzi for anyone contemplating one to one italian lessons in Milan.
I decided to spend two weeks in Milan and undertook 20 hours of intensive lessons with Silvana. From the outset, she is very accomodating and responsive to your specific needs. I have tried italian classes over the years and always felt lost amongst the crowd in them. After my experience with Silvana, I would never go back to group classes. Having an experienced teacher working with you individually is far more enjoyable and brings unexpectedly fast results. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had and I am continuing with skype lessons with her as I feel this is the best opportunity to become fluent. She also makes a mean cup of espresso and her home is perfectly located in Milan to travel to.


Samaron Samaron Lorscheider
Silvana is an outstanding teacher. She has a true passion for her profession and languages in general, and as such, learning with her is a very rewarding and motivating experience. Her years of teaching in countries around the world enable her to meet and easily adapt to her students’ needs, creating tailor made courses for them to follow that help to deliver rapid progress and good results. Silvana speaks fluent English and French and as such knows from her own experience the challenges her students go through while learning Italian. Furthermore, she always tries to meet everybody’s needs when it comes to the scheduling and contents of lessons. This makes her the perfect choice for those who have specific vocabulary requirements and professionals whose work schedule requires flexibility in planning lessons and courses. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Italian. Thank you, Silvana!


Amanda_Silvana Amanda
I have been studying with Silvana in Milan, seeing her twice a week, for the past year. Before that, I took various group classes in a language school, but the one on one work with Silvana has been not only far more effective, but more economical as well. Silvana is very creative at constructing custom programs for my particular needs. I strongly recommend this method and Silvana in particular.


Mirna Edwards
I am one of Silvana’s students who attended an intensive course for a period of 2 months. I can definitely assure you that she is a great teacher who has a long-lasting impact on the life of her students.  Her engaging personality, her dedication and teaching style hold the attention of students in all discussions. Having clear objectives for each and every lesson, she works hard to achieve her students’ expectations. She is certainly passionate about teaching . From daily basic words to periodicals’ articles , from litterature to art, her lessons represent  a rich source of knowledge and information. I look forward to additional lessons with her and I certainly recommend her for her efficiency.


DrKevinNg Dr. Kevin Ng 
I have been taking lessons with Silvana for the past 5 weeks and have found her to be a fantastic teacher. Her personalized approach fast tracks your learning while providing an enjoyable and educational experience that one would not get from group lessons in large institutions. She has also become a friend and a guide to the hidden gem that is Milan. Would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to learn italian in a short time while getting familiar with the nuances that make this language and culture such a delight to behold.


CarolElBeaino Carol El Beaino, Branch Operations Manager, Insurance Consultancy Firm, Dubai 
My name is Carole El Beaino, I am Lebanese living in Dubai, and employed as a Branch Operations Manager for an insurance consulting firm.I studied with Mrs. De Lorenzi in 1999, when I was a student at the Italian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. I can assure you that Mrs. De Lorenzi has a remarkable talent for teaching Italian. She rejects the notion that any student is a lost cause. She always inspired me to expect that I would be able to communicate effectively in Italian within a short time. Indeed, her creative teaching has enabled me to converse both socially and with the Italian clients of my business. Learning with Silvana was one of the best investments of my life.
Thank you Silvana for being one of the best teachers I have ever encountered.


AlanG Albert
I have made various Italian learning efforts over the last 20 years and really didn’t progress beyond basics. I was referred to Silvana for a 2 week immersion course in 2004 by a satisfied student who raved about her. It worked! I returned to Milan three more times for immersion courses over the following nine years. She’s an amazing teacher, particularly for native English and French speakers, because she is fluent in both languages. Her high energy, enthusiasm for teaching, wit, humor, and broad life experience help make rigorous language learning fun and productive. I tried Berlitz, Rosetta Stone, and assorted private instructors over the years. None rival Silvana’s program, regardless of cost. Before Silvana, my Italian friends were bored with my crude attempts to converse. But now, they seem interested in talking and encouraging me to press ahead. Very satisfying.


Kayo Kayo
I have been taking her lessons for over 1 year and found them very helpful and enjoyable.Her target is clearly to make us speak & use Italian for our independent Milan life. She has been teaching me not only grammar & language knowledge but also Italian culture, history, how to communicate with people here which enormously helped me improve Italian & motivate myself.I have 2 little kids and she treats them very nicely, giving me a lot of tips and ideas for raising kids abroad.Now I can communicate with my Italian friends & neighborhoods, and they sometimes say that I have leant Italian so quickly. It’s thanks to Silvana’s excellent lessons and I really would like to recommend her to those who want to Italian effectively!!